Tom Cosm's been making a load of useful max for live devices over the last 12 months. There's the leakage automatic glitch bassline machine

the locator trigger and solo automator

and a few of his early ones

  • Sample Layer Version 1.0 - Triggers multiple samples in a drum rack with slight delays between each, great for layering snares and claps with a bit of slop.
  • Toggle Router Version 1.0 - Lets you specify two outputs for one or more tracks with a toggle button, great for quickly shooting the audio to another place other than the master quickly if needed.
  • Dual Toggle Version 1.0 - Allows you to map two parameters to a toggle button and specify what percentage of the maximum and minimum values are depending on whether the toggle button is OFF or ON, 12 times (I use this mostly for quicky sending audio to a return track while at the same time turning the track volume down).
  • 8 Button Slider Version 1.0 - turns your computer keyboard into makeshift knobs! Assign the keys to a parameter, and depending on which key you press, that paramater will change accordingly.
  • RGB to Parameters Beta Version 0.9 - Takes a video file or live stream (webcam etc) and analysies the Red, Green and Blue content, allowing you to assign each level to ANYTHING within Ableton Live. Video controlling sound yo!
  • Multistage Knob Version 1.0 - Send 5 separate parameter changes signals (with min/max) depending on where a Master Knob is, great for live performance when you want one knob to sequentially do a lot of things!
  • Half and Double Tempo Version 1.0 - Simple little guy that doubles or halfs the original master BPM of the project you're working with.

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