Subscriber Newsletter - October 2017

New Content Overview

Welcome to this newly  redesigned blog, newsletter &  website. 🙂 My intention is to make navigation easier, and better represent and house the new 3D and  forthcoming content. I hope all you hear will be a step up on all fronts for subscribers, & here is an rough overview of the monthly content which will build with each one Read More

Underground Narratology

Underground Narratology is my new monthly broadcast which features a mixtape with Narrative from my Coming Home Collection, and a Dancefloor mixtape from the Going Out Collection. It's my version of the essential mix which along with John Peel and my weekly pilgrimage to the Que Club was what got me hooked...Listen / Download

Release For Roots Project

The Roots Project invited me to create a track for their debut compilation which  was just released in August 2017, and aims to raise money for permaculture projects in indigenous communities. The first release focuses on the Bwiti tradition and has been getting international radio play and support and is available to.Listen/Download

Coming Home Vol #11 Mixtape

A downtempo download recorded just before the last newsletter featuring specially recorded samples from Howard Marks by RIch Batsford & binaural recordings of our 1st Project X Presents event. It builds through dynamic, dark & beautiful downtempo music (& please excuse the shoddy cover (as have redesigned logo & all cover artwork for all future mixtapes) Listen/Download

Coming Home Vol #14 Mixtape

Download of my latest narrative mixtape exploring the idea of the single story, sampling various insightful speakers from T.E.D to Alan Watts, building up through a cinematic journey of electronica, house, techno, breaks, jungle and trip hop. I think this is my best narrative mix attempt yet,  with a corresponding av mix, and covers most of the styles of music i love to play..Listen / Download

Gig & Mixtape From Hologram

Was invited back to play the closing set of the sixth beautifully diverse & dynamic progressive berlin inspired techno night Hologram in Leamington recently, along with a huge lazer! Beautiful gig with a wicked crowd and i recorded this progressive techno promo mix for the night which slots nicely into a 5 mixtape newsletter playlist if listening to as a whole thing.. Listen / Download

Going Out Vol #14 Mixtape

Download of my 50th mix and a return to my first love of techno! A recording of my set from Saucered 17th birthday event at Suki 10c where i played a broad selection of my favourite new techno. A great gig and a welcome return to the genre that sparked my deep love for electronic music culture..Listen/Download

Gig & Mixtape For Subvert

Subvert Soundsystem is a long running night that books quality underground diy lineups featuring  venue filling ska, punk & related diy genres. Played a few times for them & this was another great gig. Here is a new jungle promo mix i made for the night, and it closes off this extended 5 mix newsletter playlist...Listen / Download

Chuck D Dope Beats Mashup

This came up on a playlist recently so i thought id share it with subscribers for anyone into their midtempo dope breaks. A free download of a dope beats mashup of classic beat demons groove with some choice Chuck D vocals. Mashups and remixes are the quickest format for creating new takes to share via this newsletter> Listen / Download

1st Narrative AV VDMX Attempt

Something i've wanted to do ever since embarking on this project is to integrate narrative visuals to better express the ideas in the mixtape. Worked with many inspiring Vjs along the way but due to how time consuming it can be, i've been learning & here are a few clips of my 1st attempt at a visual mix for Coming Home 14 - Single Story.. Watch

New Ep's & Handpan Video

I’m working on a collection of based around the archetypes, with a sound which fuses handpan with electronic genres i play,  drawing much inspiration from some of my influences like Djrum, Cinematic Orchestra, Leftfield. I aim to share the produced handpan recordings under creative commons and here is ..Watch / Download 

Stem Scenes Overview Tutorial

  I am developing a course on advanced Traktor Techniques and exploring how to perform sample narratives in Dj or electronic music sets, inspired by work for Loop Lounge where i created a format for STEMS called Stems Scenes. Here is the tutorial & overview, while I record all of the new tutorials for next month - Watch  (2nd video down)

Subscriber Screensaver #1

I do various work editing and producing video & photographs for community arts organisations & while it wont be featured on the newsletter, i do use photographs for narrative scenes, and thought the 1st batch of 250  mainly phone shots with some post production  might make nice screensavers for subscribers. Download

Subscriber Screensaver #2

They tend to be more nature type photos, generally just taken when out walking with a phone and sliding a few sliders to bring the colours out, but as i improve and use the DSLR more, I think they could come in useful for making visual narratives, as i used quite a few stills in the first attempt for the single story mix.. Download

Subscriber Screensaver #3

Many of them are taken with an idea in mind, so i will be looking to add relevant narrative quotes or lines of poetry to them for future newsletters.  I submitted a few to microstock sites and they seem to sell well, but they will all be freely available each month  via this newsletter under a creative commons license for subscribers. Download


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