Halo Handpan Jam 1 Video & Audio

Pantheon Steel have recently now released their beautiful new generation Halo's, so here's a my 1st recording of our's which we got after a 10 year wait at the start of this year.

Still very much a beginner, but learning with each session and always finding something new in the tone, technique or melodies, so i had the idea to post up the audio as a free download each month, (which i'm recording with 3 different mic's and a little post production).

The recordings will be freely available to any music makers under a creative commons license for use in their own productions and as a way i can share the sound of this beautiful instrument (despite all my playing fluffs). Regardless of how cohesive the jams are, i found it cutting loops and sampling sections from various playing sessions are really useable in my own productions, so i figure they might be useful to others too and why not share it out.

Here is the accompanying video

And here is the wav audio & corresponding download. Click on that basket icon or click on this, and add your email to download the wav file.

I'm looking into the self hosted option for future downloads. but for this first one, the easiest way was to use soundcloud, so i wholeheartedly apologise to any subscribers who will need to put in their email address again to unlock the download. It's only two clicks to download, so i hope not too much of an inconvenience, but a main goal is to make everything super easy for you to download once you are logged in, like all the other content on here, so will be seeing how to improve that. 


Please note that these recordings are released under a creative commons license, which means you are free to download and use it for commercial or non-commercial works, but you must link back to this page, and it can't obviously just be a repost of the raw material 🙂 You can read the full description in easy to understand format with the CC link below. 

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

I hope as my playing and handpan production improves, the downloads will be more useful for anyone who wants the use the sound, but it's all an experiment, and i have some ideas on how it could work.

Basically if you do download (and especially if you use any parts of it), link to this and just let me know


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