A Few Summer DJ & Handpan Gigs

After the last gig for Cirque de Surreal in March, I realised every gig offer I was getting was different from the last, and decided I really need to make a move into better defining what i want to play as opposed to all the genres i can play, so came up with the 4D sound idea. I've only been really taking a few bookings for friends, and concentrating on really developing the narrative integration for a while now, and even though the 4D idea doesn't get as specific as saying im a techno dj, it has helped me understand that the deeper I get into mixing up all these genres I love,  the further away from an identifiable sound I was getting, despite what i could hear, and thats something I've neglected.

This last year has seen booking requests for diverse live music events bookings like Subvert to Cirque Du Surreal which although live required very different styles of djing, similar to techno events  like Hologram & House of God which are at complete ends of the spectrum, and the various kind of breaks parties can range from dope and tropical to nu skool and jungle. I'm buying so much music on the house and techno side, and really enjoy playing that but realised how will people know this if i take other kind of bookings.  

When I was co-promoting 3 events i was exposed to so much music and possibilities it became clear that one of my Dj ambitions was to..Click here to read more about my past / future musing in a pop up as i'm getting off topic 🙂

Anyway that got a bit of topic, here are a few dates from June til Aug, including some storytelling / live handpan performances for anyone that might be local.

Sat 18-21st August 2017 - Initiation in Manchester

Looking forward to djing this grassroots regenerative festival in August. Started as Ancient futures festival in Wales and then moved to Manchester as Initiation to make putting on such an event in less than two months more managaeble 🙂 Details are being firmed up but it's looking pretty exciting so far and here are some of the details :

We’ve invited a diverse range of speakers who specialise in some very interesting areas of the permaculture movement on earth right now, to share some effective tools, techniques and models with us. To celebrate the launch of our upcoming record label (Roots Project Records) we’ve invited some of our artists over from the continent to supply a healthy selection of global grooves throughout the festival

Speakers and Workshops
Nicola Peel - (Eyes of Gaia)- Vicky Sinclair - RAW (Reigniting Ancient Wisdom) Mike Paul - (Tribal Survival) - Steve Jones - (Sector 39) - Rozi Bold (Author) - Elise Jager (ECJ Artworks) - Robert Thé - (Spirit of the Amazon) - Jay Bain (Conscious Wanderer) - Olly Boon (Roots Project) More TBA

Global Grooves by Roots Project Records DJs and Special Live Guests 

Kakatsitsi, Master Drummers, Derrok, Baru from Berlin, Mobius Loop - Umoja - Baru -Derrok - Racubah - DJ Narrative - Marc Constantine (Live) - Conrad - Bareroots - Tay - Flying Tree 

Visit www.therootsproject.com for more info and tickets

Saturday 30th July 2017 -  Handpan Storytelling in Handsworth for Birchwood Jazz Festival

This should be a really great event. Organised by seriously talented musicians and a quality line up all family friendly and free.


Saturday 29th July 2017 -  Handpan Storytelling in Bham Cathedral for The Big Sleuth

Me & Pyn Stockman - 'Adventures in Storytelling' are performing a few storytelling / handpan performances as part of the big sleuth arts event in Birmingham at the Cathedral in the city centre. 3 different sets of stories from around the world, all family friendly and rehearsals have been going really well. Pyn will be bringing her puppets and props too, and you can see the response from the few snaps i took at when she performed at the recent Hippodrome city centre arts event > https://www.flickr.com/photos/marcreck/sets/72157685193270545


Friday 28th July 2017 -  Handpan Storytelling in Custard Factory

Chitty's Cakes are excited to be teaming up with Pyn Stockman - 'Adventures in Storytelling' and musician Marc Reck www.djnarrative.com   to offer this 90 minute long adventure, Devil with Three Golden Hairs - a tale of true love, heroic deeds and hilarious characters. 

We will also be joined by Birmingham Storytelling Cafe's Sharon Carr with her unique blend of warmth and humour as she tells us otherworldly tales of the unexpected.

Tickets cost £10 per person and should be booked in advance via our website. You will receive choice of tea or coffee and a slice of cake or a cupcake and a receive a voucher.  Tickets are limited (there are just 20 available) - we will be hosting this event in the cosy upstairs seating area of our cake shop at the Custard Factory. We would recommend this performance for children aged 14 and over. We will have a small break between the storytelling where we will provide the tea and cake.

If you would like to purchase a beer/cider from our neighbour Clink you are more than welcome to bring that in while you watch the storytelling.


Sat 15th July 2017 - Claire's 50th in Moseley & Sat 22th July 2017 - Glastonberry 10 in Bristol

Bit of a different post but looking forward to playing for these two events in July for two long time friends in Birmingham and Bristol both celebrating with some big parties. Dylan's Glastonberry outdoor all nighters are legendary and will feature live music in the day and djs on the night, and Claire's has local ska bands, reggae djs and asked for some scratching and breaks.

Last time i played at Glastonberry i bought a load of new tunes on labels like Hessle, and artists like Tessela who sit somewhere between techno and old school breaks. I'm moving more into the spectrum of techno, but i love to drop breaks and bass that works well that sound, which was kick started in part from this mix. Here is a recording from the last Glastonberry with download link for all subscribers as standard.

Sat 24th June 2017 - Subvert In Birmingham

Subvert Soundsystem is a long running night that books quality underground diy lineups featuring  venue filling ska, punk & related diy genres. Played a few times and really looking forward to this gig. Here's the line up and think it's going to be a jungle themed set based on what the promoter and audience likes.

Dissident Noize Factory / High Horses / Flat Stanley

Dj Narrative (Marc Reck) / Dj Christy

Live art from Crom

Event page - https://www.facebook.com/events/1864483730470239/

Sat 8th June 2017 - Holography in Leamington

Really excited to be back playing Hologram. Their debut was my first time playing techno and aside from being an amazing gig it led me to reconnect with the more progressive side of it all. Both of these genres were the main obsession for me in the electronic world from 1995 - 2002 before I got heavily into promoting and playing breaks. The techno and progressive side were in such a different form than they are now, (as are the breaks) so i feel very excited to have come full circle as its a genre that can encompass so many genres i love to play. First Hologram gig was a real joy and properly went off, although i did play a more techno based set than the more progressive style the promoters were pushing......(which you can hear here)

.....so after hearing their mixes i made this promo mix - and i'll be playing a mix between the two (as the promoters asked for a similar set from the first, and it's clear they are pushing the more deeper berlin inspired sound, so here is a download of the promo mix 

And heres the event page > https://www.facebook.com/events/729965973832250/


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