1st Narrative AV VDMX VJ Mix

Something i've wanted to do ever since embarking on this Dj Narrative project is to integrate visuals to better express the narrative ideas in a  mixtape. I've worked with some really talented Vj's along the way (Leon Chromatouch, Liam Blendstate, Tony The Lab Visuals, Mash Visuals), and been both inspired and enlightening about how time consuming it can be to create narrative based visuals, but with all the wonderful work I've really wanted to get to grips with that side for myself so i can better collaboratively explore the world of AV, as i think there is soooo much potential for exploring ideas with the format of performing music, samples, acapellas and visuals. It's a fairly steep learning curve, but i've been learning some of the basics via the amazing VDMX programme, and collating various footage and different ways to approach creating an accompanying visual narrative for the music and mixtapes, which has (finally) culminated  in my own makeshift custom setup.

I think a whole hour is too long to expect anyone to watch, especially at my beginners level, so I have edited out a few clips of my 1st attempt at a visual mix for my last Coming Home mixtape 14 - The Single Story, and have since been experimenting with different formats for much shorter mixes for future newsletters.

Im quite happy with how the one take mix turned out, where that ghost poet acapella interacts and how it gets slightly more cohesive as i get use to the new controls, but ultimately its a very basic starting point, which has given me somewhere to speak to 'proper VJ's' and hopefully find ways of creating collaborative work in efficient methodologys.

For this one I used some homemade footage filmed on our narrowboat, alongside various free content from longtime inspirations like Beeple, and some flickr photos released under a creative commons license, all of which I will link to when i have chance to work it out this month.

Til them here is 15 mins of the whole 80 minute mix, and the full 80 minute mixtape with tracklisting is available as free download http://www.djnarrative.com/coming-home-vol-14-15 for anyone logged in, or for any new subcribers this soundcloud link is the quickest route - https://www.unlock.fm/9no

Some sections came out really well and some plagued with looking for what controller to move, but i think the combination of the 4 elements, music, samples, acapellas and visuals offers a thought provoking space to look at some of the ideas contained. I'm always interested in other people's experiences with it, so please do feel free to share any ideas, or feedback you might have


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